BullGuard Declares War on Spam with Free Spamfilter

BullGuard announces its global attack on spam with the release of a free Spamfilter. The BullGuard free Spamfilter, which includes 24/7 Live Support and integrates with all major email clients, is available for download from BullGuard's website.

The BullGuard Spamfilter is a collaborative filter which benefits from user input worldwide. If BullGuard Spamfilter users report a message as spam, which is done by simply clicking a button in their email client, other users will no longer receive this message in their inbox it will automatically be identified and sent to the spam folder instead. The BullGuard Spamfilter integrates fully with the Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird email clients.

The BullGuard Spamfilter is already part of BullGuard Internet Security, BullGuard's complete PC security solution which also consists of BullGuard's Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Backup and Support components. BullGuard Internet Security users are also set to benefit from the release of the BullGuard Spamfilter as a wider user base will result in more user input and improved spam filtering.

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