NTP Software QFS for NAS, NetApp Edition 6.0 Now Available

NTP Software has announced general availability of their policy-based storage management software tool in support of NetApp filers. NTP Software QFS for NAS, NetApp Edition 6.0 provides customers the insight and ability to manage, monitor, and control their data growth with Storage Firewall technology.

NTP Software QFS for NAS, NetApp Edition 6.0 introduces new features that provide additional flexibility to simplify data management and reduce administrative overhead, allowing storage administrators to increase their productivity. The 6.0 release also presents a newly designed end-user help site that has been tailored to work on any web server, and incorporates multi-language functionality.

Key features that will provide enhanced storage management capabilities for the NetApp platform include:
- Enhanced Administrative Reports Already powerful admin reports included within QFS have been enhanced to provide greater depth into your storage resource allocations with the means to automate the scanning, processing, and emailing of reports directly to your inbox. The new administrative reports provide an enhanced interface as well as cross platform support and report automation to allow you to get more data on how end-users are consuming your storage.
- Automatic System Monitoring The new NTP Software WatchDog service provides enterprise environments with an added level of protection to ensure that both NTP Software QFS and Network Appliance Data ONTAP are working together in perfect harmony. The automatic system monitoring provides managed storage without impacting performance or reliability, ensuring the smooth operation of your storage environment and storage management policies.
- Advanced End-user HelpSite The custom tailored HelpSite has been expanded to offer more functionality to the user community as well as improved compatibility within existing enterprise environments. The NTP Software HelpSite allows your users to understand your policies, and limits the load on your helpdesk. Web Servers including Apache and Microsoft IIS are now supported and the HelpSite is available in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, and German.

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