AMD Opteron Processor Helping Deliver High-Performance Storage Systems

AMD announces that it continues to see strong demand among its commercial storage customers. There are currently more than 20 commercial storage systems available on the market today that rely on AMD's Direct Connect Architecture, including the recently announced Sun Microsystems StorageTek 5800 "Honeycomb" system.

These varied platforms are available from industry-leading tier one storage system vendors including Sun, NetApp and HP, as well as emerging storage specialists including agámi Systems and Capricorn Technology. Many of these customers take advantage of the AMD Longevity Program which offers the long-term processor supply frequently required in storage system design.

With the unique features of Direct Connect Architecture and HyperTransport technology, AMD gives storage vendors an opportunity to deliver extreme data throughput, which is a key performance differentiator in this market. NetApp, a leading enterprise storage vendor, has published standard benchmark numbers that show a 100% performance increase with their flagship AMD Opteron processor-based system over its previous incarnation. Because of this tangible performance advantage, the selection of AMD technology in storage system design is now playing a differentiating role in the market.

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