Melissa Data Unveils New Email Validation Tool

Melissa Data has unveiled a new product for verifying email addresses, Email Object. This customizable API tool can be used to verify email addresses in databases, address books and spreadsheets, or from a website form. Email Object is suited for companies who rely heavily on email communication to stay current and connected with their customers, or for those companies looking to benefit from the affordability of email marketing campaigns.

Marketers run into some common problems while capturing data. "Customers sometimes enter '!' instead of '@', or double periods '..' between the domain, or even misspell top level domains such as 'con' instead of 'com'", said Walker. "These would all be corrected with advanced syntax checking and save the programming time companies use to develop custom email validation rules." Email Object offers three optional degrees of verification: syntax check, local database lookup, and MX-record lookup to ensure only legitimate email addresses are saved to the database.

Features include batch and point-of-entry validation, editable spelling lists, custom blacklisted and valid domains, a list of 125,000+ valid domains, a processing speed of millions of records-per-hour, and availability for both Windows and UNIX-based users.

Email Object is available as part of the Data Quality Suite - a toolkit for complete contact data verification of full name, address, phone number and email address or as a standalone product.

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