Revware Announces RevWorks 8.0

Revware has announced the pending release of RevWorks 8.0. RevWorks integrates data captured from existing parts with leading 3D digitizers with SolidWorks computer-aided design (CAD) software. The new RevWorks software will ship mid-March and feature an updated user interface, new part stacking and alignment capabilities and support for Metris Manual Coordinate measuring Arms (MCAs).

RevWorks' new user interface utilizes SolidWorks' CommandManager interface and feature "one-click" alignment changes. Version 8.0 offers more immediate and interactive access to RevWorks' feature configuration while preserving the enhanced workflow security of the RevWorks server architecture. The updated Alignment Manager tool enables users to align digitized parts to any SolidWorks plane. Similar software offerings only allow alignment to three planes. Also added to Alignment Manager is a new part stacking function that creates multiple, reproducible part alignments that users can freely switch between during a digitizing session.

With RevWorks, users can more quickly and closely capture design intent from existing parts that have no native CAD data. Using 3D contact digitizers allows users to capture only the data they need without having to sort through complex point cloud data, including open spaces that 3D scanners cannot process. Those selected data points and resulting geometry are immediately displayed within the working SolidWorks model.

RevWorks 8.0 includes:
- Screen Mode from which users can create features from selected points and mix live and existing data.
- Sketch Tools for 2D features such as points and ellipses and 3D features such as planes and surfaces.
- Measure Tools for taking measurements directly from parts, including depth, distance between points, circle radii and draft angles.
- Probe Manager to quickly and easily set up and calibrate multiple digitizer probes. RevWorks is the only solution that offers a MicroScribe calibration wizard, enabling users to switch between multiple probes during a single digitizing session.
- Direct Surf that creates a smooth NURBS surface from digitized point data.
- Snap Scan which creates sectional planes through a part by limiting data collection to a defined virtual plane.
- Support for Popular Digitizers including MicroScribe, Metris, ROMER, FARO and 3DCreator.

RevWorks 8.0 will be available mid-March.

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