ASC Introduces New EVOip for Cisco

ASC will exhibit a new version of its VoIP recording solution, EVOip for Cisco, at the Cisco Networkers Conference in Barcelona from January 22-24, 2008, booth E 65.

EVOip for Cisco records all customer interactions in Cisco environments. It was certified through the Cisco Technology Developer Program and is compatible with any version of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM).

The solution works for bulk, rules-based or on-demand recording of internal or external communications, and provides recording at a central location for companies with multiple branches.

EVOip is entirely software-based and is available for both Linux and Windows operating systems. An optional application runs on the phone's display and functions such as keep/delete, last call repeat and call tagging may be initiated at the touch of a button.

The solution also provides multiple search-and-replay applications with access available over the web or by dialing a special phone number.

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