Belkin Announces New Sleeves for Apple MacBook Air

Belkin International announces new Sleeves designed to fit and complement your MacBook Air. Ranging from neoprene to leather, the Sleeves protect your MacBook Air without adding any bulk. Neoprene Sleeves will be available in March 2008 in the US and Canada, while all other Sleeves will be available late May 2008 in the US and Canada.

Slim-Fit Sleeve for MacBook Air (F8N069) features:
- No zippers or magnets, just slip in your MacBook Air and flip the top over to secure it in place;
- Made of high-quality neoprene that protects and cushions your notebook.

Leather/Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook Air (F8N066) features:
- Asymmetrical zipper gives you the flexibility to access your notebook from the top or the side;
- Made of high-quality leather and neoprene.

Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook Air (F8N065) features:
- Designed to keep your MacBook Air snug and protected;
- Use it with your favorite bag or on its own.

Vertical Sleeve with Strap for MacBook Air (F8N067) features:
- Slim-Fit Strap gives you the flexibility to carry your MacBook Air in your arms or on your shoulder;
- Eliminates the need to put your Sleeve in another bag the perfect minimalist case for your minimalist notebook.

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