Webmaster SMS Tools from CardBoardFish

Webmaster SMS Tools from CardBoardFish is a suite of free web applications that allow webmasters, bloggers, and forum users to provide interactive SMS polls, SMS blogging, SMS comment areas and safe two-way texting to over 200 countries.

The TextMe tool provides a safe way to receive text messages from visitors to websites, blogs, auctions and social networking profiles. Visitors text a keyword followed by their message to a standard long number, which ensures no premium rate charges. CardBoardFish then forwards this message to any mobile number in over 200 countries. TextMe users can respond to their visitors if they wish by replying to the message. Both the sender and receiver mobile numbers are kept private.

With SMSBlog, users can post updates to their page at any time by sending text messages from their mobile phone. Whether sharing gossip, planning a party or just telling everyone their mood, if it can't wait then SMSBlog is the fastest way to post to the web.

SMSPoll is a fun, straightforward application allowing visitors to vote in a poll by text message. The visitor simply texts a keyword followed by their selection to a standard UK mobile number and the results are displayed online.

SMSComments can be used on a page wherever visitor feedback is wanted making it perfect for placing at the end of an article or post. Asking visitors to send in their comments by text helps to cut down on spam and other nuisance messages.

All of the code needed for the tools is generated automatically for the user in an online account, which also provides access to settings and tool management including the ability to block selected mobile numbers.

Users can change how their tools look using CSS. A guide is provided to make this feature accessible regardless of CSS knowledge, and several examples demonstrate the basic modifications.

CardBoardFish provides Webmaster SMS Tools completely free of charge by utilising its vast international SMS coverage and considerable experience in sending and receiving SMS. All interaction with the applications is via a standard long number ensuring that both the visitor and webmaster are not charged any extra fees. CardBoardFish guarantees that none of the mobile numbers interacting with Webmaster SMS Tools will be used for any other purpose than the operation of the tools themselves. This means no marketing messages, and the numbers will always remain private.

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