Gateway’s Colorful Notebooks Make a Fashion Statement

Gateway gives two of its most popular consumer notebook lines – the Gateway M-Series (15.4-inch display) and T-Series (14.1-inch display) – a fresh look with new vibrant colors and designs. The Gateway M-Series, which was previously available in Garnet Red and Pacific Blue, is now available in rich Merlot and luminous Silver. Both the M-Series and T-Series will be available in a new design called Arctic Bloom – delicate wildflowers on a background of icy turquoise blue. Gateway used its new InFuse process to inject the color and designs into the notebooks, giving them a striking, rich metallic finish. The color and graphics are then sealed in with a smooth, lustrous finish that has a high-quality appearance.

Further benefiting the customer, notebooks purchased with the new colors will not be subject to a price premium or longer sales lead time, as is typical of many systems with unique designs.

These colors appear even more impressive and vibrant when combined with the M-Series and T-Series' eye-catching industrial design. In addition to the high-gloss InFuse finish, the notebooks feature treatments such as a unique aluminum keyboard surround surface, slimming metal profiling and deluxe trims.

The high-style look and feel is a perfect complement to the performance and features in the notebook lines. These systems boast fast Intel processors, ample memory and vast hard drive storage. Above each notebook's keyboard is a brushed-metal multimedia control panel, featuring smooth-cut keys providing convenient access to frequently-used audio and video functions such as play, stop, fast-forward and rewind. Volume can be controlled with a touch-sensitive slide. The large widescreen designs (15.4-inch on M-Series, 14.1-inch on T-series) are great for viewing DVD movies and browsing the Internet.

The notebook models come with a range of technology for staying connected, including Wi-fi wireless and a standard integrated web-cam for video conferencing and video emails. Select models come with integrated Bluetooth technology, so customers can wirelessly connect to peripherals such as a printer, mobile phone, keyboard and mouse.

Sporting the latest technology, the notebooks offer high-definition video and audio. An HDMI interface is available on select models and lets consumers connect their notebook to a display device (TV, monitor) to view applications, games, digital media content, as well as high-definition video and audio through a single connection. Several models feature an integrated fingerprint reader, which can be used for user authentication, data protection and as a password-bank.

Each of the models comes with Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and MS Works 9.0.

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