Logia Group Introduces Vidmo

Logia Group has announced the international launch of Vidmo, the first video multi-platform for the content sharing community. Vidmo is the first tool to enable users to upload, share and rate videos, pictures, and other content in parallel through the internent as well as mobile devices. Vidmo allows mobile operators and website owners to launch and manage web and mobile sites containing rich video channels with advanced community and sharing tools. Logia Group will offer demonstrations of the Vidmo user experience at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The community of mobile content users has been constantly growing with more input and demand for newer applications and services. One of the leading trends today among the youth and young adult populations is to use internet-based social networking websites for content sharing activities, motivated by the desire to have their content viewed and rated by as many of their peers as possible. The ability to conduct the same activities via the cellular network, would provide the users with more freedom of movement and make these activities more fun and accessible, resulting with new revenue streams and increased user loyalty for operators.

Logia Group has developed Vidmo, a WEB-WAP based multi-platform for content sharing, which offers content providers an easy way to distribute their content and enables website managers to automatically offer their content to mobile users. This advances the user expierence of viewing and sharing of videos and photographs, both on the PC and mobile phone. Vidmo offers full community synchronization between the internet and the cellular network allowing users to upload videos and other content and rate it on both environments. The platform enables users to easily create and manage their content, e.g. send photographs from the cellphone to the Vidmo website, using MMS or the WAP service. In addition, through Vidmo's cellular and hyper-blogging service, subscribers can send updates to their friends via SMS or directly through the website.

Logia Group will present Vidmo at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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