Apago Releases PDF Shrink 4.2 at Macworld Expo

Apago announces the release of PDF Shrink 4.2, a Mac OS X utility for reducing the size of PDF files. PDF Shrink optimizes the content and structure of PDF documents, making them easier to use in email attachments, on the Web, for on-screen reading, for document archiving, and more. Free to registered users of PDF Shrink 4, this update adds the ability to process entire folders of PDF files and improves compatibility with Apple's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and Adobe Acrobat 8. Apago will demonstrate PDF Shrink and its professional companion product, PDF Enhancer, at the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, January 1518, 2008.

PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files including those created by Mac OS X iLife and iWork applications, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint by as much as 90% of their original size. It works by optimizing image quality and by removing duplicate copies of repeating images such as the background of a PowerPoint slide show or a company logo appearing on each page of a document and other inefficiencies that increase file size.

PDF Shrink is integrated into OS X's "Save as PDF" menu, allowing users to create and optimize their PDF files in a single step. The utility also supports AppleScript and Droplets. Other features of PDF Shrink include optional encryption, support for JPEG 2000 image compression, and a "wizard" that allows non-technical users to easily customize settings for their requirements.

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