IGG Software Announces iBank 3

IGG Software announces the release of iBank 3, a new version of its financial management application for Mac OS X Leopard. Included with iBank 3 is iBank for iPhone, a web-based iPhone application that allows users to enter transactions on their iPhones, and via .Mac, have them automatically added to the desktop application.

The new version introduces a host of new features that leverage Leopard technologies. Core Animation now powers much of the new redesigned interface. A new and improved view allows users to "flip" through their transactions which are represented with professionally designed category images, making it quick and easy to see where you are spending money. New interactive graphs fly together as the user creates transactions, and double-clicking a pie slice flips it over to reveal detailed information.

Last year at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, iBank 3 received the Apple Design Award "Runner Up" for the Best Mac OS X Leopard Application.

The new features of iBank 3 don't stop at animated graphs and views. Users can now directly download transactions from a number of different banks using OFX. If your bank doesn't support OFX, an integrated web browser allows you to download your transactions from your bank's website, all without leaving the iBank window.

By using Leopard's Image Kit, users can now take pictures of receipts or other items and assign them to their transactions, furthering the new paradigm of visualizing your spending.

New features include Smart portfolios for managing your investments, and a new loan management module for tracking all of your loans. iBank 3 also enhanced many existing features including graphs, reports, smart accounts, check printing and drag and drop capabilities.

iBank 3 and iBank for iPhone will be available during the first quarter of 2008. iBank for iPhone requires a .Mac account.

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