Elpida Set to Deliver x64-bit I/O Wide Bit Mobile RAM

Elpida Memory has announced the release of a new x64-bit wide I/O 256-megabit Mobile RAM dubbed the "ECK2664JACN." The new product represents an optimum solution for the bandwidth critical image processing systems and achieves twice the bandwidth of existing 32-bit products while operating at an ultra-low voltage of 1.2V I/O (VDDQ). It features Elpida's unique product characteristics: enabling the highest possible performance for mobile phones and other mobile products and low-power consumption.

In recent years, mobile phones have gone beyond music downloads and Internet connections to offer video recording, video output and a number of other high-performance multimedia functions. Since high definition video will be widely adopted soon, the need now exists for solutions that support the processing of high-resolution graphics and other high-density data.

The same growing need also applies to digital video cameras (DVC), digital still cameras (DSC) and other home electronic products.

Elpida's new memory product is an excellent solution designed to address all these needs.

Main features of the new product:
1. x64-bit 256-megabit DDR Mobile RAM with a clock frequency of 166MHz that enables a 2.6GB/sec high-speed data transmission rate.
2. Ultra-low voltage of 1.2V I/O (VDDQ) based on world-leading technology to enable low-power consuming mobile products.
3. Edge-pads for easy implementation in small form-factor MCP and SIP
4. Partial array self refresh (PASR), automatic temperature compensation self refresh (ATCSR), deep power down (DPD) and other standardized Mobile RAM special low-power functions enable a longer battery operating time.

Elpida has already begun sampling the "ECK2664JACN" Mobile RAM. Volume production is expected to get underway in the second quarter of 2008.

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