Cardo Systems Launches the scala-rider Q2

Cardo Systems has announced the launch of its new scala-rider Q2 intercom enabled headset for bikers. The scala-rider Q2 helmet-mounted Bluetooth headset provides safe and handsfree Bike-to-Bike communication for up to an impressive 1,600 ft. / 500 m.

The scala-rider Q2 features Multiple Device Connection (MDC) technology, which allows bikers to connect to several audio sources in parallel including the following: voice instructions from a GPS, mobile phone conversations with third parties, intercom conversations with passengers and with other bikers, and high-quality FM radio transmissions from the embedded FM module.

The Cardo scala-rider Q2 is fully backward-compatible with the entire line of earlier scala-rider models (solo, Combo, FM and TeamSet). In addition to MDC technology and Bike-to-Bike intercom, it offers the same high-quality performance as in previous scala-rider models, including wind impact reduction, voice controlled receipt and rejection of incoming calls, automatic volume adjustment according to driving speed and ambient noise, full rain and snow protection and more.

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