Macally to Offer New iPhone Accessories in February

Macally has announced its new line of peripherals for the Apple iPhone. The announcement comes on the first day of Macworld Conference & Expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Macally will show its full line of accessories and peripherals for the iPod, iPhone and Mac computer products at its booth, number 926, in the South Hall.

Included in Macally's new line of offerings are the TunePro, a sleek flat panel audio speaker with alarm clock; the FlexTune, a portable speaker system designed for vertical or horizontal video viewing; the BTCUP in-car Bluetooth compatible FM transmitter; and the PowerLink three-in-one USB adaptor.

FlexTune for iPhone

The FlexTune portable speaker system offers the flexibility of a horizontal orientation, suited for watching widescreen movies on an iPhone or iPod touch, as well as vertical orientation for viewing video on an iPod classic. The device delivers exceptional sound for listening to music without headsets or bulky wired external speakers. See more information in the additional news release issued today "Macally FlexTune Portable Stereo System Puts a Twist on iPhone and iPod Video Viewing." The FlexTune will be available in February.

PowerLink for iPhone

The new PowerLink USB Adaptor for iPhone is a three-in-one device that is convenient to use and handy for any iPhone user to have. It's a memory stick to store files, a 30-pin cable to sync the iPhone and a charger with a built-in rechargeable battery. It can also be used with all iPod products. The PowerLink USB Adaptor will be available in February.

TunePro for iPhone

The Macally TunePro flat panel speaker and alarm clock previously available for iPod is now available for iPhone. It offers the latest NXT flat panel loudspeaker technology coupled with SRS Labs' renowned SRS WOW technology for superior audio enhancement with immersive 3D audio that creates a full, rich sound for consumers who want to enjoy music from their iPhone. The TunePro alarm clock will awaken users with snooze, a favorite tune, AM or FM radio, or even an alarm buzzer. Macally also took sleep habits into consideration when it developed the alarm function; it can be set to gradually increase the alarm's volume, so sleepers are not jarred awake but are awoken gradually. It also charges the iPhone when docked. The Macally TunePro for iPhone will be available in February.

BTCUP for iPhone

The Macally BTCUP for iPhone is a full-channel FM transmitter with a clever design that lets consumers enjoy their iPhone in the car. Fitting into standard car cup holders, the BTCUP keeps the iPhone upright while also giving the driver full access to the touch screen. Its FM transmitter capabilities lets everyone in the car enjoy the music on the iPhone via the car's speaker system. The BTCUP can sync with the iPhone's integrated Bluetooth technology for hands-free usage while driving something that is increasingly being made law across the United States. As a result, the BTCUP is easy to use for both playing music and managing incoming calls from the iPhone. When a call comes in, auto-switching between music and phone modes allows users to answer the call hands-free for improved safety, then returns to music play mode when the call is completed. It offers easy-to-reach buttons and switches including, a power on/off/privacy switch, a button for Bluetooth/answer/hang-up, frequency up and down buttons, as well as a "quick channel switch" button. The Macally BTCUP for iPhone also comes with an earphone for enhanced call privacy. The Macally BTCUP for iPhone will be available in February.

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