NTI Launches New Dragon Suite with 3 Mac User Favorites

NewTech Infosystems (NTI) has announced NTI Dragon Suite. The new software suite includes three powerful Mac user favorites - NTI Dragon Burn, Dragon FliX and NTI Shadow - into a single, value-packed solution. Combined, the applications provide simplified burning, space-saving compression and reliable backup.

NTI Dragon Burn

NTI Dragon Suite benefits from the decade of experience NTI gained in developing and enhancing its award-winning Dragon Burn digital media solution. With Dragon Burn's patented multi-burning technology, internal and external drives can be used to create multiple copies of a CD or DVD simultaneously. Offering broad compatibility, NTI Dragon Suite includes support for the leading video, audio, photo and data formats. The software is also fully compatible with the newest internal and external drives-including 16x DVD-R drives. With the click of a button, users can burn to recordable CD, DVD±R/RW and DVD-RAM discs as well as 8.5GB DVD+R Double Layer (DL) media.

For files that require more capacity than a single disc can provide, Dragon Burn's disc spanning feature can be used to automatically organize and archive the files to a series of discs without jeopardizing data integrity.

To ensure high-quality recordings, NTI Dragon Burn scans and validates all files prior to burning and provides "burn proof" support. Graphic feedback during the burn process shows users the percent that has been completed.

After burning their CD or DVD, Dragon Burn users can design and print personalized CD/DVD labels and jewel case inserts using the included label design software.

NTI Dragon FliX

By including Dragon FliX, NTI Dragon Suite enables Mac users to make high-quality backup copies of their DVDs with all of the video, audio, languages and menus of the original and offers convenient, cost-saving compression options. Users can compress an unencrypted 8.5 GB dual-layer movie down to a 4.7 GB single-layer disc, remove unwanted features and burn it to a disc without having to split the movie onto two discs. By compressing movies to fit on less-expensive, single-layer media, users can lower their copying cost. Dragon FliX users also have the option of selecting either the entire DVD for compression or just the main movie without the extras to save space and to retain quality.

NTI Shadow

For continuous, real-time backup in the native file format and easy drag and drop recovery, Dragon Suite includes NTI's Shadow software. Shadow is a personal backup tool that captures updates to files as they occur. In addition to conveniently executing backup jobs transparently in the background without disturbing the user, Shadow does not take up valuable PC resources that could slow system performance. Equipped with a wizard-style interface, the Backup Scheduler makes it easy to set a convenient time (day, hour, minute) for backing up large amounts of data or large files. Users can also schedule multiple backup jobs to multiple destinations.

With custom file filtering for specific file types (audio, picture, video, and document) as well as custom file type filtering, users can select specific file types for backup. Shadow also provides comprehensive version control. Users can save an unlimited number of revisions, a specific number of revisions (1-1000) or no revisions to ensure that backups are always kept in sync with the original file.

NTI Dragon Suite can be used with Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later operating systems and Power PC G3 Processor or later systems. The software suite will be available to retail customers starting January 2008. Dragon Suite includes a CD-ROM with NTI Dragon Burn, NTI Dragon Flix, NTI Shadow and CD/DVD labeling software. Languages supported include: English, French, German and Italian.

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