Vyke Pro Wins ‘Product of the Year’ Award from Internet Telephony

Vyke Communications has won Technology Marketing Corporations' Internet Telephony 'Product of the Year' award 2007 for its Vyke Pro free mobile community messaging service. This service, launched on June 19th, 2007, enables mobile users worldwide to send free or low cost text messages in addition to making low cost international calls.

Vyke Pro is an easily downloadable mobile phone programme that is compatible with all recent Java enabled handsets. It offers mobile users the opportunity to dramatically reduce their text messaging charges by using its smart message routing technology. This allows Vyke Pro users to send free text messages to other Vyke Pro users around the world, or to send normal text messages to non Vyke Pro users for as little as 1p per message.

Vyke recognizes that a key part of text messaging's appeal is its always-on-time delivery of messages. With this in mind, Vyke has incorporated its "wake up" technology into Vyke Pro, which allows Vyke to remotely start a user's Vyke Pro software, and deliver an incoming message to it, when receiving a message from another Vyke Pro user. This important feature allows Vyke Pro to provide the same always-on-time delivery of messages, but at a significantly reduced cost.

Vyke Pro' was developed to challenge exorbitant text messaging prices.. For example, many UK consumers think of text messaging as a cheap and easy way to communicate, with a representative cost for a standard 160 character text message of approximately 12p. When that cost is broken down and related to the actual amount of data being sent, the true cost of texting is revealed. Every character sent in a text message equates to 1 byte of data. When translating this into a per Megabyte cost, it becomes clear just how expensive it is in the UK to send text messages, with consumers paying approximately £750 per MB.

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