Micro Industries Introduces Retailís Largest Interactive Computer

Micro Industries has introduced its biggest, most colorful product ever. A 65-inch addition to Micro's line of popular 32- and 46-inch, high-definition computers, the Touch&Go Messenger 65 establishes the new standard for in-store, interactive messaging. Micro engineered the Messenger 65 to continue Touch&Go's heritage of stunning picture quality, high performance, and elegant platinum styling. Manufactured in the company's Westerville, Ohio, plant with Advanced Retail Technology, the new Messenger 65 is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to deliver high performance and improved power efficiency.

The Messenger 65 comes equipped with a 1080p, ultra-bright LCD with a viewing angle of 176 degrees, an 160-Gb hard drive, DVD/CDRW and Microsoft Windows XP. Also available are an IR touch screen, internal stereo speakers, and video options. A protective glass panel makes the LCD practical and cleanable.

The computer is retail-ready for interactive consumer applications, digital signage, store maps, advertising, messaging, product information, and demonstrations. Simple, elegant mounting options mean the Messenger 65 can be hung from a ceiling or a wall, or positioned on a countertop. Its dimensions are 64.6" wide by 37.6" high by 7.4" deep, with a weight of 220 pounds.

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