Etymotic Research Introduces etyBLU Bluetooth® Headset

Etymotic Research has introduced the etyBLU Dual Mode Bluetooth headset, with a quick-connect noise-canceling boom microphone, called BLUmaxx. The combination of the noise-canceling microphone and noise-isolating earphone enables callers at both ends of the conversation to hear clearly and be understood in high-level noise.

The etyBLU is the first Bluetooth headset that features a connecting noise-canceling boom microphone. etyBLU's internal microphone takes over when the boom mic is unplugged and offers a discreet wearing style. The etyBLU headset lets users quickly connect the noise-canceling boom microphone to retain conversation clarity in noisy environments. Connecting or disconnecting the boom mic during a call does not disconnect the call. The microphone can be easily stored in the carrying case provided.

Combined with an earpiece that does not exclude background noise, the resulting poor sound quality makes it necessary for both parties to speak loudly. By combining Etymotic's in-ear and directional microphone technologies, the etyBLU features the industry's highest level of noise isolation in the ear, and the highest noise-cancellation from the microphone for both speaker and listener.

The etyBLU dual mode wireless headset joins the (wired) hf2 High fidelity Hands free stereo headset and the original ETYCOM in Etymotic's family of headsets for mobile phone users. etyBLU is compliant with Bluetooth Core Specification 2.1, Headset 1.1 and Handsfree 1.5 profiles. Talk time is up to 7 hours with standby up to 100 hours.

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