Etymotic Research Introduces hf2 Premium Headset

Etymotic Research has introduced the hf2 headset, which stands for high fidelity, hands free, for users of the iPhone. The hf2 combines the accurate sound quality of Etymotic's ER-4P earphones with a well designed microphone and end/send switch.

The hf2 also works with the iPhone for both speech and music, all iPod models for music and with other music players and mobile phones that accept a 3.5mm-4-contact phone + stereo plug. The hf2 headset adds a high-quality, in-line microphone to Etymotic earphones with the highest earphone noise isolation and response accuracy in the business.

iPhone users never miss a call while listening to music or surfing the Web because music mutes/pauses automatically for an incoming call and picks up again when the call ends. The hf2 end/send button also advances the music track and performs a variety of functions supported by the iPhone and other mobile devices.

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