Gemalto to Provide Yemen’s National Electronic ID System

Gemalto has been selected to deliver the electronic ID cards solution commissioned by the Ministry of Interior of Yemen for the next national elections. Under the contract, Gemalto will implement the whole solution including enrolment processes, creation of a secure biometric national registry, maintenance, local support, training and integration services, as well as provide the 10 million smart ID cards that will see Yemen step into the digital security era. The first cards will be delivered to the Yemeni citizens during first half of 2008, and the program will reach completion by April 2009 when the population is to vote for the new Parliament.

Gemalto's secure personal device, the size of a credit card, will be the official ID document for Yemen citizens above 16. It stores personal credentials such as name, address, digital photograph and fingerprints. In the future, the Yemen national ID card might also integrate e-government applications as the government wishes to leverage this technology to simplify its relationship with the population. In addition the new electronic ID document has been designed to ensure compatibility with e-government standards developed by the Gulf Cooperation Council neighbouring countries.

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