Samsung Offers 'One-Touch' Feature on Series 6 and Series 7 HDTVs

Samsung Electronics has partnered with USA Today, the nation's newspaper, to offer consumers up-to-the-minute access to weather, news, sports and stocks information with the touch of a button on their HDTV. Featured in Samsung's new Series 6 and Series 7 LCD and Plasma HDTVs, the new InfoLink RSS service provides content directly from USA TODAY when users connect their Samsung Series 6 or Series 7 LCD and Plasma HDTV to the Internet via the integrated Ethernet port.

USA Today is a multimedia brand with print, digital, video and mobile platforms that reach millions of readers each month. USA Today will provide national and world news as well as keep viewers in touch with the latest in money, sports, life, weather and politics news for the InfoLink RSS service. The Weather section will allow viewers to personalize current temperatures and seven-day forecasts by zip code and will also feature weather alerts. Markets data will offer market summaries and individual stock quotes.

Consumers need only to press the special RSS button on the Samsung HDTV remote control to bring up a semi-transparent menu overlay featuring selectable newsfeeds covering a variety of customizable topics. Consumers can then either browse through headlines to catch a quick glimpse, or select a specific story to view full story. Content already playing on the HDTV will remain on-screen, ensuring that moments from a favorite show or a fantastic play during the big game will never be missed, all the while having the most up-to-date news, weather and more just a click away.

Samsung is also redefining the role HDTVs play in the home by integrating a variety of advanced networking and IPTV features into more models than ever. Many of Samsung 2008's entry-level and premium models include side-mounted HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, enabling consumers to use their digital peripherals through their sets with a simple connection.

Select 2008 Samsung HDTVs can also access online and stored PC multimedia content and bring it into the living room with Samsung's new Home Digital Media Adapter to transform HDTVs from what traditionally has been a "viewing-only" device into a truly interactive connection to the rest of the world. Additionally, Samsung is building on the success it had debuting the world's first 3-D enabled DLP HDTVs last year by expanding the same capability to its plasma HDTVS.

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