Samsung Introduces 70" LCD for Digital Signage Applications

Samsung Electronics America, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has introduced its newest MagicNet Pro enabled LCD large format display, the SyncMaster 700DXn, designed for corporate and commercial digital signage applications.

The SyncMaster 700DXn large format display delivers exceptional reliability for high-usage digital signage applications, including airports, retail locations and other indoor venues. Featuring a new Digital Information Display (DID) panel designed to lower the temperature of the display, the SyncMaster 700DXn display can support even the most rigorous of commercial applications. By utilizing built-in fans to keep temperatures low, the DID panel ultimately extends the life of the 700DXn display, making it a no-compromise solution in any market where digital signage is needed.

This panel allows for an industry-leading brightness level that was specially designed for High Ambient light conditions. The reliability of the product has increased not only because of the fans but also due to an added heat dissipation panel helping decrease internal temperature allowing for longer hours of operation, over 20 hours per day.

Leveraging Samsung's proprietary MagicNet Pro software, the SyncMaster 700DXn large format display enables users to control content across several displays using a single computer, eliminating the need for a dedicated PC for each display. With MagicNet Pro, content creation and distribution is simple for all network operators - users can simply drag-and-drop existing content files, requiring minimal supervision and training.

Suitable for digital signage applications, MagicNet Pro allows users to show different content on different displays at different times and schedule content up to a month in advance. MagicNet Pro is also well-suited for a range of corporate applications - for example, corporate presentations can be stored on a server and accessed when needed by the client without the need for a local PC.

Whereas previous versions of MagicNet offered a simpler User Interface, MagicNet Pro is equipped with a professional, multi document User Interface, which offers enhanced flexibility and ease-of use for the network operator. Furthermore, MagicNet Pro offers a highly-customizable user experience, allowing operators to control the content and design of several designated areas. The upgraded MagicNet Pro system also offers two types of network connections: auto connection, within an easy-to-use sub-network and direct WAN connection.

Featuring a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, ultra-high brightness levels and 1920x1080 full HD resolution, the 700DXn display is equipped to deliver clear, precise imagery in even the brightest of environments. The large format display also incorporates a 178/178-degree viewing angle achieved via Samsung's proprietary Super Patterned Vertical Alignment (S-PVA) for an improved user viewing experience.

The SyncMaster 700DXn will be available in February.

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