Samsung Unveils 22" LCD Monitor with Tandem 7" Monitor

Samsung Electronics America, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has introduced the new SyncMaster 2263DX monitor, a 22-inch LCD monitor that features an additional 7-inch monitor connected to the display. The model, which creates a more productive work environment for business users with dual screens, was chosen as a 2008 CES Innovations Honoree.

Featuring a tandem seven-inch monitor connected to the primary display, the 2263DX monitor facilitates simple connectivity without the cost of an extra monitor. Facilitating a multi-screen environment, the 2263DX monitor is ideal for users that require multiple screens to run programs and applications simultaneously, therefore increasing productivity. For example, the extra screen enables users to create and edit documents on the 22-inch screen while using the additional screen to simultaneously instant message, read emails or video conference with co-workers around the globe. Furthermore, the 7-inch tandem screen is attached via a pivoting, swiveling arm, allowing it to be positioned on either side or above the main display for a comfortable, highly customizable work environment.

Leveraging Samsung's proprietary UbiSync technology, the 2263DX delivers simple plug-and-play USB 2.0 connectivity, allowing for effortless dual-screen configuration. The 2263DX monitor's USB connectivity also allows the monitor to provide USB hub functionality, facilitating simple communication and connectivity. Furthermore, the display features HDMI input, providing for superior image quality and next-generation audiovisual input.

The 2263DX monitor is optimized for Microsoft's Office Communicator 2007, enabling users to communicate with colleagues around the world without needing to pick up a phone, put on a headset or lean into a microphone. The monitor is an ideal choice for true-to-life web conferencing, which can reduce long-distance phone costs and the need for frequent business travel, as the monitor is equipped with a built-in 2.0M pixel high-resolution webcam, dual-array microphone and speakers.

With a wide 160/160 viewing angle and a high 1680x1050 resolution on the 22-inch screen and a resolution of 800x480 on the tandem screen, the SyncMaster 2263DX provides clear image quality and maximum versatility. Additionally, this display features Samsung's MagicBrite3 technology, as well as an 8,000:1 contrast ratio complemented by a 5 ms response time, enhancing the user's total viewing experience and reducing blurring or ghosting while utilizing multimedia applications.

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