Atlantic Launches EGO iceBar2 Waterproof Speaker System

Atlantic has announced its latest addition to its EGO iPod accessory line the iceBar2 Speaker System for iPod nano a waterproof and shatterproof case that protects the iPod from water, dust and scratches, while allowing the user to share music, photos and videos stored on their iPod. A successor to the CES 2008 Innovations award-winning iceBar, the iceBar2 accommodates all three iPod nano generations.

The iceBar2 is a lightweight, pocket-sized sound system that allows consumers to take their iPod nano in the shower, rain, snow, on a hike, to a pool party, or just about anywhere. Constructed of a clear, bullet proof polycarbonate material, with corner bumper guards and a shock absorbing iPod compartment, the iceBar2 provides a safe solution for consumers to share their music, TV shows, movies and video podcasts while protecting their nano from harsh elements.

Outfitted with a silicone O-ring inside for a tight seal, waterproof neodymium speakers and click-wheel membrane, the iceBar2 provides users with the assurance that their iPod nano will remain dry and secure while used in a wet environment.

Compatible with all three iPod nano generations, the iceBar2 is powered by four AAA batteries, providing users with over 16 hours of playtime at medium to high volume. An external power button allows users to instantly turn the case on or off and users can listen privately by inserting earphones into the jack port on top to switch sound from the speakers to earphones.

Equipped with a flip-out stand, the iceBar2 can be conveniently stationed on a desk or countertop for listening at work or at home. At just over half a pound, the iceBar2 includes a removable nylon wrist strap for added security while toting the case.

The iceBar2 will be available for purchase April 2008.

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