DivX Certifies Panasonic's Blu-Ray Capable 'UniPhier' Chip Platform

DivX has announced the DivX Certification of Panasonic's "UniPhier" System LSI (MN2WS0043DA). The "UniPhier" is an integrated multimedia chip platform that enables high-quality video solutions such as DivX playback in a number of product categories, including Blu-ray DVD players and recorders, as well as digital televisions, mobile phones and in-car devices.

The "UniPhier" (Universal Platform for High-quality Image Enhancing Revolution) is the first chip platform to integrate DivX technology into Blu-ray products using a hardware solution. Over 100 million DivX Certified products have been shipped into the market, including DVD players, mobile devices and more.

Products that bear the DivX Certified logo have undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure a high-quality DivX media experience that includes reliable video playback, excellent visual quality and interoperability with other DivX Certified devices.

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