Westell Introduces Sleek, New UltraLine Series3

Westell Technologies introduces the re-designed UltraLine Series3 residential gateway and digital home coordinator into the consumer electronics marketplace. The new, forward-looking design is the latest addition to Westell's UltraLine Series3 family of routers and residential gateways that were named an International CES Innovations 2008 Design and Engineering Award honoree in the Home Networking product category. The UltraLine Series3 won for its aesthetic design qualities, engineering innovation, uniqueness, and value to consumers.

Westell's UltraLine Series3 is a combined residential gateway and digital home coordinator that enables the delivery of a comprehensive set of broadband services including IPTV, media sharing, home monitoring, and home control. The gateway features WireSpeed routing technology, including a dual-core network processor to support multiple bandwidth-intensive applications simultaneously.

The UltraLine Series3 extends the notion of what a "home router" can do. For example, its home control feature automatically discovers networked lighting or appliances and allows the consumer to control their behavior in real-time or on a scheduled basis. Its home monitoring capabilities offer a unified view of plug-and-play IP cameras. And by connecting a USB storage device with digital media, the UltraLine Series3 instantly makes the stored content available to DLNA / UPnP-compliant consumption devices such as digital media players, set-top boxes, and networked game consoles. The gateway also aggregates and distributes on-line information and content to any home network device, enabling consumers to view on-line photos and user-generated video content on a TV. The user experience is flexible and can be accessed simultaneously on the TV, computer, smartphone, and any browser-capable device.

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