JBL Intros the JBL Duet 200 Single-enclosure Loudspeaker System

JBL announces the introduction of its JBL Duet 200 single-enclosure loudspeaker system. The latest addition to the JBL line of high-performance stereo sound systems, the JBL Duet 200 system produces clean and powerful sound, and comes with a built-in mini stereo jack that makes connection to any computer, iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other digital music player an effortless process. Its single-enclosure design, with no extra wires to clutter your desk or table, makes it a perfect match for home computers. And because it's compact and easy to use, the JBL Duet 200 system is perfect to take with you when you're on the go.

Featuring 20 watts of total power, the JBL Duet 200 system comes loaded with the latest Phoenix transducers for enhanced bass performance. The compressed digital amplification coupled with digital-signal-processing (DSP) equalization efficiently provides the JBL Duet 200 system with the power to please. The JBL Slipstream port design reduces "unwanted noise" while maintaining performance benefits. Additionally, the JBL Duet 200 system equalization provides a rich, complete soundstage over a wide range of listening positions.

The JBL Duet 200 system will be available at major retailers starting in March 2008.

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