Sling Media Showcases SlingPlayer 2.0 at CES 2008

Sling Media will be demonstrating Clip+Sling at CES as part of the company's new SlingPlayer 2.0 client software. Clip+Sling gives Slingbox customers the ability to "grab" snippets of their favorite television content and instantly share them with friends. As part of the demonstration at CES, Sling Media is also giving a sneak peak of the forthcoming video destination site, Clips made by Slingbox customers will be uploaded to, creating personal playlists and feeds that can be viewed and subscribed to by other Slingbox customers as well as the community at large. In addition to featuring short-form content, will be a vehicle for consumers to discover and enjoy long-form programming.

Clip+Sling is made possible by Sling Media's new SlingPlayer 2.0, the client software for the PC that gives Slingbox customers the ability to 'placeshift' their television content to a desktop or laptop computer located just about anywhere. SlingPlayer 2.0 is packed with new features: in addition to the revolutionary Clip+Sling, SlingPlayer 2.0 will include a program guide of channel listings and a local video buffer that gives customers DVR-like controls.

Imagine wanting to share a great play from this weekend's game with someone who didn't see it. With Clip+Sling, Slingbox customers now have an intuitive application that allows them to create clips in mere seconds and instantly share them with friends and family. Clips are uploaded to Sling Media's video destination,, where they can be viewed by anyone who has a Web browser. Clips viewed on may also lead the consumer to a wealth of related short- and long-form content to enjoy.

Similar to the program guide available on cable or satellite set-top boxes, SlingPlayer 2.0's program guide allows Slingbox owners to see exactly what shows are available on their home TV, no matter where they happen to be. Because SlingPlayer 2.0 uses a broadband Internet connection to stream video to the PC, Sling Media is able to use that same connectivity to give customers an easy-to-navigate view of their programming guide and supplemental content.

Just like a DVR, the new SlingPlayer 2.0 video buffer allows users to pause live TV, fast forward or rewind instantaneously. The video buffer, temporarily stored on the PC or Mac, gives customers complete viewing flexibility even if they don't have a DVR at home.

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