Panasonic and Comcast Debut AnyPlay Portable DVR

Panasonic and Comcast have unveiled the industry's first Portable DVR/DVD player powered by tru2way technology at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. The Comcast/Panasonic co-branded AnyPlay Portable DVR (P-DVR) will let Comcast customers record programming at home and take it with them wherever they go. The P-DVR will be available beginning in early 2009.

Developed by Panasonic AVC Networks Company, the video, audio and computer development and manufacturing arm of Matsushita Electric Industrial, for Comcast, the AnyPlay P-DVR Model TZ-LC100 incorporates digital video recording functionality into a Panasonic portable DVD player platform. The AnyPlay P-DVR features 60GB of digital video recording capacity, an 8.5" folding LCD display screen, and integrated stereo speakers. Dual audio headphone jacks are included to support personal viewing. When placed onto a companion docking station that functions as a standard DVR set-top box, the AnyPlay P-DVR lets viewers watch and record their favorite television programs from their television sets. However, unlike a traditional set-top box, it can be taken out of its docking station, so recorded programs can be watched anywhere in or out of the home on the AnyPlay P-DVR. It also can playback DVDs and audio CDs.

AnyPlay P-DVR can be powered through the docking station, which also acts as a battery charger, or through its own internal battery when undocked. It also comes with a 12V DC adapter for automotive use.

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