ArcSoft Bundles Its Total Media 3.5 with Silicondust HDHomeRun

ArcSoft announces that ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 is now bundled in Silicondust HDHomeRun Digital TV Tuners, which enables users to watch and record over-the-air digital and unencrypted digital cable TV from all computers in your home network.

ArcSoft Total Media 3.5 TV and Video Modules Key Features:
- Supports ATSC and clear QAM;
- Supports Dual Tuner PIP/PBP;
- Supports Auto Shut Down PC after Scheduled Recording;
- Supports multi-subtitles switching;
- Provides one button to switch between digital/analog device and input source: Antenna, Cable, S-Video and Composite;
- Provides one button in the play control bar to switch aspect ratio for TV and recorded TV shows.

The HDHomeRun is a Network Attached Dual Digital Tuner device that allows all users on the same network to access, view, record, and playback digital and High Definition TV signals either from Over the Air Antenna (ATSC) or from Unencrypted Cable (QAM). Users have access to multiple channels at the same time.

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