Primera's PTRip Software for iTunes and Windows Media Player

Primera Technology has announced the availability of its new PTRip Software. PTRip gives users of Primera's Bravo-Series Disc Publishers the ability to automatically load CDs into their Publishers' built-in CD/DVD drives for importing audio tracks into Apple iTunes or Microsoft Windows Media Player.

The program is simple to use and requires just three steps:
1. Place CDs into a Bravo-Series Disc Publisher's input bin.
2. Launch PTRip.
3. Click "Load to iTunes" or "Load to Windows Media Player."

Discs are robotically loaded and tracks imported into iTunes or Windows Media Player. The process continues automatically until the input bin is empty. Once imported, files are ready for playback on portable players including Apple iPod, iPhone and iTouch devices, Microsoft Zune and many other brands and models of MP3 players and cell phones.

PTRip supports Primera's Bravo SE, Bravo II, BravoPro and Bravo XR/XRP Disc Publishers.

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