APP Purchases Viper Pro SLA System from 3D Systems

3D Systems announces that American Precision Prototyping (APP) of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has added a Viper Pro SLA System to its fleet of 3D Systems' large-part manufacturing systems.

This state-of-the-art system enables customers to consistently and economically mass customize and produce high-quality, end-use parts, patterns, wind tunnel models, functional prototypes, fixtures and tools. Delivering strong parts with unprecedented surface smoothness, feature and edge definition and tolerances, the Viper Pro SLA System is the world's leading precision Rapid Prototyping system, with accuracy rivaling that of CNC-machined plastic parts.

APP, a 3D Systems' Preferred Service Provider, provides fast, high-quality Rapid Prototype and Rapid Manufactured parts, instant online quotes and innovative manufacturing solutions. This service bureau runs multiple SLA Systems using 3D Systems' Accura Materials as well as SLS Systems using DuraForm Materials from 3D Systems.

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