CyberLink Technologies Heighten the Home Theater Experience

CyberLink has announced that it will be featuring video technologies that are setting new standards in consumer digital entertainment at CES this year. Visitors to CyberLink's Las Vegas Hilton, Suite 2365 during CES will see firsthand how CyberLink's High-definition Disc Solution, TrueTheater Technology and Magic Technology heighten the home theater experience by dramatically improving playback of audio and video, and automating tasks such as video editing.

CyberLink's High-Definition Disc Solution, CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra, is a complete solution for DVDs as well as high-definition Blu-ray Discs and HD DVDs that delivers exceptional quality for movie playback and media creation. PowerDVD Ultra includes support for next-generation disc features, like Picture-in-Picture movie mode, networking, interactive BD-J and iHD, bookmarks, and advanced disc navigation. It also delivers amazing audio quality with 7.1 home theater audio, and high-definition Dolby Digital Plus and DTS.

CyberLink's TrueTheater is a suite of advanced video and audio technologies that ensure consistently high quality and a more enjoyable movie experience on the PC. The complete suite of audio and video playback enhancements includes:
- TrueTheater Motion is a new technology that utilizes a frame-rate conversion process to ensure smoother camera movements and more fluid screen action. With the technology, users can enjoy smooth video playback- even during rapid panning and zooming.
- TrueTheater HD, which is also new, eliminates the jagged edges of lower-resolution content that is played on high-resolution displays and removes distracting video artifacts. With the technology, As a result, standard-definition content that is played on a high-resolution display appears to have the detail of a higher-resolution image. This makes TrueTheater Detail ideal for watching low-res video from webcams, mobile TV, streamed video clips, etc. in full-screen sizes on large displays.
- TrueTheater Stretch (CLPV) is a non-linear stretching technique that adjusts the viewing ratio of the displayed video with minimal distortion. It stretches the video image on the edges of the screen, leaving the center of the screen unaffected. With TrueTheater Stretch, users are able to view any movie they like with the aspect ratio optimally suited to their display device - even if the original movie doesn't support it.
- TrueTheater Lighting (CLEV, CLEV-2) intelligently adjusts video colors, contrast and brightness across movie scenes to deliver improved detail and an enhanced viewing experience. With the ability to balance overly dark and overexposed scenes, TrueTheater Lighting is ideal for correcting the loss of detail inherent with some LCD and CRT monitors. In addition to automatic and manual settings, a choice of pre-set color profiles is included to make adjustments even easier.
- TrueTheater Surround (CLMEI, CLHP, CLVS) enables a multi-channel speaker system (CLMEI) to deliver a surround sound effect from only two speakers. It also converts 2-to-6-channel audio to create up to 8 channels of surround sound. With support for multiple modes, users can optimize their playback by matching their equipment with their source content.

For consumers with headphones (CLHP) and stereo speakers (CLVS), TrueTheater Surround can be used to simulate surround sound when multi-channel audio is played via two speakers or headphones. When used with headphones, it creates a wider sound image, as if the sound is originating at a distance from the listener.

CyberLink Magic Technology speed up the editing process by tackling the most time-consuming tasks and producing instant results. With just a few clicks of the mouse, even a beginner can produce videos and photo slideshows that look like they were created by a professional.
- Magic Fix automatically fixes blurry photos and turns shaky videos into clearer, more stable videos. Users can also adjust range parameters including horizontal, vertical, and angular criteria.
- Magic Style instantly creates themed movies from raw video clips Users can choose from 12 themes with a diverse combination of effects, screen frames, and clip lengths.
- Magic Cut automatically keeps the best shots and removes the rest Magic Cut combines pre-production and editing into one easy action, enabling users to condense hours of uneventful clips into an action-packed movie. It also synchronizes background music with cut scenes
- Magic Clean, lets users enhance clips by automatically adjusting colors, brightness and contrast, and removing unwanted audio noise.
- Magic Motion dramatically transforms still images into an animated slideshow with pan/scan and zooming effects. With the tool, users have a choice of automatically or manually applying motion effects according to image specifications.
- Magic Music composes and synchronizes music according to video duration and includes a full library of royalty-free tunes. Background music for DVD menus is also supported.

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