Whoomp! Up Your iPod Experience

Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers convert ordinary iPod/iPhone earbuds into a high-end stereo experience. It is the latest product by Minnesota-based Hearing Components with patented Comply foam technology. The fit and sound quality is a common problem. In a recent Facebook survey of iPod users, two-thirds of respondents said they either don't use the earbuds that came with their iPod or don't like them because of the fit, comfort or sound quality. Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers and Comply foam tips are made from patented, high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane foam, which allows the ear piece to rest in the ear canal, not over the ear. This passive noise reduction technology sends the pure music to the smaller space of the ear canal without leaking bass and while sealing out unwanted noise. The foam tips are 30 times softer than the silicone used on ordinary, factory-supplied earbuds.

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