NemeriX CTO Lionel Garin to Speak at CES

NemeriX has announced that Lionel Garin will share his vision for the future for consumer-oriented, handheld GPS devices in a session entitled: "Market Navigation for the Navigation Market" scheduled to take place on Monday January 7th from 3-4 PM in the North Hall, Room N264 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

This session is moderated by Avi Greengart, Research Director for Mobile Devices at Current Analysis, and will also include Ed Staehlin from Motorola; Amit Desai, from Dial Directions; and Christian Bubenheim, from Magellan; in addition to NemeriX's Lionel Garin.

During this session, Garin will discuss the different technical requirements from the automotive GPS market - where accuracy up to five meters is sufficient - to the pedestrian or last-mile GPS market, which requires a much higher degree of accuracy to provide pedestrian turn-by-turn directions in dense urban environments and indoors.

"If you listen to mass market analysts, it might appear as though GPS has become a commodity, where the only differentiation between solutions is cost, and power consumption but that's not actually the case", said Lionel Garin, CTO for NemeriX. "At CES, we'll examine why the navigation market requires a higher level of performance, and we'll discuss when the navigation capabilities that address indoor environments - such as shopping malls, and deep-indoor locations - will arrive to usher in wide market acceptance."

At CES, Garin will discuss a series of upcoming, consumer-oriented GPS applications, such as signal authentication and position certification for mobile banking applications, where precise transaction timing and location authentication are required. He will also discuss how GPS location and velocity authentication can facilitate new consumer services, such as pay-by-use car insurance; usage-based toll road charges, and how the technology can be used to resolve litigation related to speeding tickets.

These and many other GPS-related items will be discussed all week at CES. Additional NemeriX executives, such as Lew Boore, and Vineet Dujari will be on hand throughout the week at CES.

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