HANA Demonstrates Integrated Home HD Networking at CES 2008

The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) announces that it will host a four-room "HANA Home" demonstration of its HD home networking solution at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10 in Las Vegas. Along with the demo, HANA also announces that Firecomms and Newnex Technology have joined HANA as adopter members. The HANA Home is located in the North Hall Meeting Rooms N119/N120.

HANA will showcase the HANA Home, a four-room demo that will simultaneously distribute five wireless HD content streams throughout the home over in-home coax cabling. Using the HANA network, consumers can access HD content on any device in the house, and watch it on any networked device in any other room.

The HANA home demo partners include Cablevision, Firecomms, IntellaSys, Newnex, Pulse~LINK, Samsung, Texas Instruments and VividLogic.

In the four-room HANA Home, audiences will walk through various real-life scenarios of sharing content from one room to another during a typical day. They will experience firsthand how using HANA technology enables them to connect all their media devices through a single wire that once connected creates a wireless network controlled by a single remote. Another key advantage of HANA is a friendly graphical user interface that features automatic device discovery that enables the simplicity that consumers want from their entertainment systems.

In the HANA Home, consumers will be able to watch TV, time-shift their viewing, record live TV and push content from room to room within the home by using the HANA menus on any wired to wireless connected HDTV all with guaranteed 400 Mbps guaranteed quality of service. The demo will illustrate how HANA uses whatever cabling they have in their home, be it coax, CAT5 or plastic optical fiber, to interconnect their entertainment systems. Additionally, HD content will be transmitted wirelessly via a Wireless HDMI solution with no loss of quality and full use of the HANA menus.

The HANA Home at CES is sponsored by Samsung, Pulse~LINK, Oxford Semiconductor, Newnex, Firecomms and the 1394 Trade Association. These companies will showcase their home networking technology during the show.

Oxford Semiconductor will showcase two technologies key to HANA. First, it will demonstrate high performance RAID storage with greater than 240Mbytes/s throughput and hardware encryption. Oxford Semiconductor will also demonstrate a HANA over MoCA (Multimedia Over Coax Alliance) system showing media content playback. This system was developed with Entropic Communications using its c.LINK home networking products and is the first demonstration leveraging a MoCA Phy with HANA devices.

Additionally, HANA is pleased to welcome two new members, Firecomms and Newnex Technology. Both companies will be demonstrating their home networking technology as part of the HANA Home demo. Firecomms is a compound semiconductor company that develops high-speed light sources in visible range wavelengths. Its red laser and LED-based transceivers will create new opportunities for simple, low cost optical data communications in home networking. Newnex is a developer of interconnection products, which are designed with cutting-edge technologies, such as USB and IEEE1394.

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