Betagraphics Becomes Reseller of CAStor Content Storage Software

Caringo announces that it has signed an agreement with Dutch market IT system integrator Betagraphics Information Technology to further expand the presence of the company's CAStor archiving application in markets throughout Europe.

Betagraphics delivers highly available server systems, networks and storage solutions to medium- and large-sized companies throughout the Netherlands. The company's main objective is to support their customers' primary business processes with optimum IT solutions. Recognizing the growing importance of open standards as they become more critical to keeping main customer processes running, Betagraphics designs, implements, maintains and manages critical storage infrastructures including backup and disaster recovery, network environments and server-based computing.

CAStor is a content storage software based on the next generation in content addressed storage (CAS) architecture that runs on standard, commodity server hardware for a fraction of the price of traditional CAS systems. CAStor is self-healing, managing and configuring, uses no proprietary APIs, and presents no limitations in adding nodes and storage in real time without disrupting applications. CAStor reduces administration to almost nothing and shifts both physical and financial boundaries relating to how large disk-based archives can grow to many petabytes in size.

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