Hibernia Atlantic Is the First Transport Provider to Offer 40 Gbps Capacity Over a Subsea Span Between USA and Canada

Hibernia Atlantic and Huawei Technologies announce a historic first in the telecommunications industry: Hibernia Atlantic is now the first to offer native 40 Gbps capacity over a subsea span between Boston and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Hibernia Atlantic deployed Huawei Technologies' latest products to allow this significant capacity upgrade over a subsea, international cable link. This cable was built in the year 2000 with a 192-channel, 10G system capacity. As part of ongoing network improvements, the Huawei solution upgraded the Hibernia Atlantic cable to a 192-channel, 40G system; increasing the capacity from 1.9 Terabytes to 7.68 Terabytes using the innovative 40G technology.

Huawei accomplished this upgrade with its internally developed, 40G integrated solution, which includes its patented DRZ/ODB technologies. DRZ technology leverages widely available components, maximizing reliability while also assuring a robust supply chain. Huawei's 40G transponder features industry-leading automatic electrical dispersion compensation, eliminating the need for DCM modules.

Partnering with Huawei on this historic test was Anritsu. Anritsu believes it is important to have a significant role in advancing technology, and its participation in such a milestone is part of this commitment. Anritsu supplied the MP1591A network performance tester for the deployment test, while the MP1595A 40G SDH/SONET analyzer provided the flexibility of service types and mappings needed to validate the subsea span.

Hibernia Atlantic's first-to-market offering is in response to its North American customers' demand for greater bandwidth capacity, stemming from the precipitous rise in deployment of next-generation services, such as streaming video, IP multimedia and web conferencing.

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