TTI Expands Its Business-Driven Service Quality Monitoring Solution

TTI Team Telecom International has expanded its Business-Driven Service Quality Monitoring solution. This solution is designed to support the general shift towards service management from a user-centric perspective, measuring the impact of operations on business-level objectives such as customer satisfaction and SLA commitments. Powered by TTI Telecom's recently launched FaM Analyzer, it provides meaningful operational efficiency metrics and customizable benchmarks for an overall view of user experience.

TTI Telecom's Business-Driven Service Quality Monitoring solution promotes a healthy network and rational decision making for service providers. With a complex array of automated and manual processes targeting customer satisfaction, quantifiable and comparable metrics are critical for the NOC to carry out business process benchmarking and continuous assessment of both human and hardware performance throughout the network. The solution enables network managers to implement well informed, rational policy-based operations, thereby achieving higher operations efficiency, reducing service disruption and sustaining optimized service levels.

FaM Analyzer is the most recent product launched within TTI Telecom's Fault Management product family. Utilizing TTI Telecom's unique integration of fault and performance management products, it analyzes network operations from a historical and end-to-end perspective, providing valuable insight into the impact of operations on business processes and business-level objectives. FaM Analyzer produces a wide range of KQIs such as reliability KQIs (e.g. MTTF, MTTR, failure rate, etc.), Business process KQIs (e.g. alarm acknowledgment timers, correlation rate, etc.) and availability KQIs, as well as various alarm KPIs. FaM Analyzer enables service providers to easily identify process gaps, network anomalies, and individual operator performance.

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