INGENICA to Participate in Citrix iForum Brasil 07

INGENICA announces that in response to the fast-growing Brazilian demand for printing solutions, it will introduce UniPrint Gateway Edition for the first time in South America at Citrix iForum Brasil 07 in Sao Paulo. Developed to enable organizations using Citrix servers to centrally-manage and easily maintain their printing environments, UniPrint Gateway Edition enables all Server-based Computing clients (thin, fat, local, or remote) to quickly and reliably print to any printer on any platform to increase overall productivity.

The UniPrint Suite of server-based printing products make it simple for large and small organizations throughout the Americas to reap the benefits of enhanced printing. These benefits include greatly simplified print server management, decreased operating costs, and increased productivity.

UniPrint is a Portable Document Format (PDF)-based universal printer driver that integrates seamlessly with multiple platforms, in mainframe environments and client operating systems, and on any client device. The single PDF-generator replaces all manufacturers' printer drivers to eliminate multiple printer driver incompatibility issues. This vastly increases server stability and significantly decreases printer-related help desk calls as users can now print to any available printer. As a result, organizations instantly benefit from less administration headaches, improved productivity, and better returns on existing IT investments.

Also, as UniPrint sends all documents to print as compressed PDF files, which are much smaller than other printing formats, it greatly reduces bandwidth consumption - resulting in less work for the server, improved application performance, and faster, more efficient printing. UniPrint also provides extra cost savings as it enables organizations to convert all documents into PDFs without having to invest in additional software packages.

The launch of the redesigned UniPrint Gateway Edition sets a new standard in server management for printing from all client platforms. With UniPrint Gateway Edition, administrators worldwide will be able to centrally manage and easily maintain printing functions for all users, including thin clients that do not have hard drives on which to install printer drivers, across multiple platforms in local and remote locations.

UniPrint will demonstrate UniPrint Gateway Edition at the Citrix iForum Brasil 07 (Booth 6) in Sao Paulo on November 8.

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