Eleven2 Kills iPhone Spam

Eleven2 Hosting has announced the general availability of new anti-spam features that prevent up to 99.9% of spam from reaching iPhone inboxes. The custom-built spam protection combines anti-spam hardware appliances and in-house designed software to filter spam for iPhone email users, improving their user experience and lightening the load on Eleven2 servers.

With total sales recently reaching one million, the number of users relying on the iPhone as their primary device for accessing mobile email continues to grow. Spam has the potential to be a major issue in clogging iPhone email inboxes.

Eleven2 has enabled an anti-spam scan engine which uses a layered approach to increase "kill" rates while at the same time keeping false positives to an absolute minimum. Spam emails are identified through spam signature files and updated rules which are designed around actual identified spam, doing away with guessing and leading to extremely low false positives. Other enhancements include IMAP configurations which were heavily tweaked, redundant inbound mail servers and automated outbound IP address switching to prevent blocked sending of emails.

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