BSG Launches the Bill2Phone-Mobile Payment Solution

BSG Clearing Solutions announces the addition of a new mobile phone payment solution to its Advanced Payment Gateway service. Bill2Phone-Mobile enables multimedia merchants to deliver digital content to mobile phones and bill those content charges to subscribers' mobile phone bills. With the addition of this mobile payment solution, BSG's APG is now the single, most extensive payment gateway, giving digital content merchants access to an unprecedented level of payment services that include home and mobile phone payment options, credit card processing and advanced risk management.

BSG's Bill2Phone-Mobile solution allows more than 240 million mobile subscribers to charge purchases of off-deck mobile content - such as games, videos, news, horoscopes, sports and stock updates - to their mobile phone bill. BSG's experience in processing an annual 20 billion transactions for the world's largest communications providers and merchants, its relationships with over 1,400 network operators and its 23-year history in wireline and wireless telecom billing gives it a unique ability to extend its payment expertise to the mobile space. As a third-party clearinghouse, BSG manages clearing and financial settlements between thousands of entities and allows merchants to bypass the costly and time-consuming establishment of multiple billing agreements with wireless, wireline, IP operators, content aggregators, credit card acquirers and risk management providers.

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