Telrad Networks Intros the Commatch 6005 H.248 to V5.2 Gateway

Telrad Networks has introduced the Commatch 6005. Telrad's Commatch 6005 is an H.248 to V5.2 access gateway, enabling fully-featured VoIP interoperability with legacy TDM networks.

Network operators looking to upgrade to Multi-Service Access Gateways technology based on DSL while preserving existing voice services and provisioning on legacy voice networks can now do so using the Commatch 6005 H.248 to V5.2 access gateway. Rather than implementing a softswitch solution, operators can preserve the investment in TDM switches by placing the Commatch 6005 gateway between the IP network and the TDM switch, seamlessly transferring all basic voice and advanced telephony services, such as Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, fax, conferencing and other services over the IP network to the TDM switch.

Telrad provides a unique solution for rapid integration of wireless IP-based voice technologies with legacy systems. Telrad's field-proven solutions quickly integrate into existing networks or new wireless mesh infrastructures, to provide seamless interoperability between TDM and IP based networks.

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