NetEx Rolls Out New Recovery on Demand Program

NetEx has announced a new Recovery on Demand program that provides HyperIP users with a free temporary bandwidth upgrade to boost data recovery performance by up to 600x, along with a "fire drill' technology trial plan that allows enterprises to validate the efficacy of their disaster recovery plans under real-world conditions.

HyperIP is NetEx's business continuity and disaster recovery optimization solution for backup, recovery and data replication applications. It provides unmatched performance for moving TCP data efficiently using patent-pending technology that accelerates and optimizes the industry-leading data replication and file transfer applications by aggregating multiple data replication applications over a shared connection while mitigating the inherent network latency and network disruption for long-distance remote TCP/IP data transmissions. HyperIP line-optimization appliances support long-distance data transfers at up to 622 MB/s, the highest performance of any optimization appliance on the market, and 25 to more than 100 percent faster than competitive products. Transfer speed is optimized for the full range of data management applications, including backup & remote replication and business continuance/disaster recovery (BC/DR).

The new Recovery on Demand feature gives HyperIP users access to virtually unlimited bandwidth to speed data recovery operations when a disaster hits. HyperIP appliances are sold in a variety of scalable configurations, based upon bandwidth required with data rates ranging from 1 Mb/s up to 622 Mb/s. Under the new Recovery On Demand program, if a HyperIP user experiences a major failure, NetEx will provide the customer with a free software key with unlimited bandwidth for 10 days. The user can then run HyperIP-accelerated data recovery operations at up to 622 Mb/s with no additional license fees. The NetEx Recovery on Demand program is unique in the industry. No competitive vendors provide this type of free bandwidth upgrade for DR incidents and are not able to because of the architectural limitations of their products, which are built on hardware-limited fixed data rate designs. To improve the data rate performance beyond the hardware-enforced limits, customers need to perform a forklift upgrade and install entire new systems both at the local data center and remote site wasting time and the initial hardware investment. NetEx eliminates these problems with the scalable software design at the core of HyperIP.

Reducing the Recovery Time Objective for DR operations with line optimization is viewed as a key component of controlling enterprise IT costs. According to Forrester Research, BC/DR expenses account for 21 percent of the overall IT budget and one-third of that spending is for bandwidth costs. Deploying NetEx's HyperIP acceleration appliances provides a direct bottom line improvement with a very fast ROI. In addition to providing current HyperIP users with an optimized DR benefit with Recovery on Demand, NetEx has also created a new 'Fire Drill' trial program, allowing new enterprises to test drive HyperIP and its unmatched disaster recovery optimization to evaluate the effectiveness of their own disaster recovery plans. The trial program enables companies to acquire and evaluate HyperIP appliances for a fraction of the purchase price. The trial period gives users the chance to perform live, real-world testing of a simulated disaster and view first hand how HyperIP can dramatically improve DR operations and speed up re-acquisition of critical data. NetEx allows test drive customers to apply the full trial fee towards the purchase of HyperIP.

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