Aculab Releases the ApplianX IP Gateway

Aculab has announced the launch of the ApplianX IP Gateway. Just one of the initial products being made available within the ApplianX portfolio which includes a number of devices designed for network infrastructure roles in the developing converged networks of enterprises and service providers.

By design, the ApplianX IP Gateway aims to help enterprises reduce operational costs, extend the life of existing TDM based equipment and take advantage of new IP based services and endpoints by being an easy to install, configure and manage network device.

The enterprise class ApplianX IP Gateway, is an easy to deploy SIP to TDM gateway, often installed within an enterprise or service centre. It can be used to bridge between an internal VoIP or packet switched telecoms network and the external PSTN, a PBX or private circuit switched network. The ApplianX Gateway is easily configured and administered via a web HTML interface, which allows remote backup and restore of stored configurations and user data.

The ApplianX IP Gateway comes with 1, 2 or 4 E1 or T1 trunks supporting a wide variety of E1 and T1 protocols and approvals so that it can be deployed worldwide and connected to globally dispersed remote offices and service networks.

In addition, the ApplianX IP Gateway provides comprehensive support for many PBX inter-working protocols, such as Q.SiG and DPNSS, allowing investment in legacy equipment such as PBXs to be protected they can remain in service while new IP based services and endpoints can be taken advantage of.

Finally, a broad range of voice codecs are supported including G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A&B and iLBC, guaranteeing connection to a diverse mix of endpoint devices.

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