2007: The Year Animals Took Over the Web

Some of the biggest hits on the internet this year are videos and stories about animals and their remarkable behaviour. The dramatic Battle at Kruger a spellbinding brawl between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo and two crocodiles at a watering hole in South Africa's Kruger National Park has been viewed an astonishing 18 million times on YouTube. Nora the Piano Cat, and her hilariously tuneless antics at the keyboard, has so far been watched 8 million times. Snowball the dancing cockatoo who shakes around to music from the Back Street Boys is one of this month's big favourites with two million views so far and rising. Then there's Dramatic Chipmunk (14 million views), Spiders on Drugs (9 million views), Otters Holding Hands (8 million views), Talking Dogs (6 million views), Funny Dogs (6 million views) and Wake Up Cat cartoon (2 million views).

Animal news and feature stories are consistently top of news websites' "most viewed" and "most emailed" charts. People don't just want to read the story they want to share it with their friends and colleagues as well. The appetite for animal news and entertainment is huge.

The popularity of animals on the web has partly emerged because people all around the world are capturing footage of animals on video, digital cameras and phones. It's easier than ever to show off a much-loved pet clowning around at home or to share a chance and perhaps dangerous encounter with a wild creature filmed on holiday.

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