Altosoft Insight 2.1 Now Available

Altosoft has announced the immediate availability of Altosoft Insight 2.1, the industry's first operational BI platform designed to help organizations improve decision making and performance while reducing the time and cost normally associated with business intelligence projects. The latest evolution of Altosoft's innovative solution delivers enhancements for major customer use cases, including rapid dashboard development, real-time data analysis, and advanced applications such as event monitoring and business process optimization.

The Altosoft Insight operational business intelligence platform is the industry's only solution designed from the ground up to support the challenging requirements of operational BI. Altosoft Insight combines support for real-time event processing, data analysis, and process monitoring together with accurate operational forecasting and powerful alerting and incident management features. Designed for rapid deployment, a typical Altosoft Insight solution can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional BI, business activity monitoring, or business process management technologies.

Common customer use cases and associated Altosoft Insight 2.1 enhancements include:
- Accelerated Dashboards. Altosoft has always featured the world's fastest dashboard development environment. Customers use Altosoft Insight to deliver powerful dashboard reporting and analytics capabilities in just hours with no custom code. With the introduction of Altosoft Insight 2.1, fast is even faster. Altosoft Insight 2.1 includes usability enhancements to Altosoft's codeless, drag-and-drop toolset that speed dashboard development and deployment. Altosoft has also released additional graphical components, including new chart options and formatting and navigation elements. Altosoft Insight 2.1 also adds more powerful features for what Altosoft terms "dashboard governance". Operational BI involves taking BI capability out of the hands of the few and embedding it into operational processes and applications. While broadening the user base of BI can significantly enhance operational performance, many organizations are grappling with issues of access privileges and data security. To ensure that only designated employees can access critical operational information, Altosoft Insight 2.1 delivers increased control over user roles and privileges, so that organizations can efficiently control access to data and key capabilities (including the ability to drill down or change the appearance and layout of dashboards).
- Real-time Analytics from Multiple Data Sources without a Data Warehouse. Altosoft customers are leveraging Altosoft Insight for high speed data analysis when combining data from multiple distributed data sources such as Oracle, SQL Server, or Teradata. Altosoft delivers unprecedented value in this area because its unique architectural approach does not require development and management of an expensive data warehouse. With Altosoft Insight 2.1, Altosoft has optimized its analytical calculation engine to perform 120% faster than previously. This enables higher throughput, faster calculation of key performance indicators (KPIs), and substantially increases the product's performance when used as an alternative to a traditional warehouse-based BI solution.
- Event Monitoring and Business Process Optimization. Customers are using advanced features of Altosoft Insight to improve their operational performance. Altosoft Insight 2.1 delivers new enhancements to its incident management module, adding new options for tracking, prioritizing, and resolving incidents and exceptions. In addition, alerts can now be triggered and incidents created based on real-time operational forecasts generated by Altosoft's patent-pending Predictive Process Analytics capability. These new enhancements complement Altosoft Insight's unique process monitoring capabilities, which, unlike other complex event processing solutions, deliver process analytics without the need for process modeling. Together, process monitoring and newly enhanced incident management features support effective closed-loop operational process optimization.

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