Tideway Systems Launches Tideway Foundation 7.0

Tideway Systems announces the availability of Tideway Foundation 7.0. The next-generation architecture and a new, pattern-based reasoning engine power Foundation 7.0's unique ability to model business-critical applications in dynamic IT environments, helping enterprises better respond to changing data center requirements. Foundation is also first to offer Data Provenance, a definitive chain of evidence that relates each configuration item and attribute to its source, ensuring data quality can be trusted.

Based on client demand and collaboration with key customers, Foundation 7.0 offers enhanced reasoning and recognition capabilities that make it easier to manage change based on an "as is" model of precisely which infrastructure components are supporting critical business applications. The superior flexibility enables Tideway, its partners and customers to model custom and packaged software with complex architectures and behaviors - a task historically difficult to achieve with the traditional template-based approach to dependency mapping.

Foundation 7.0 allows IT organizations to apply best practices in change management and keep unplanned work to a minimum by providing a 360-degree view of the IT estate. This unique feature automatically generates a chain of evidence that links configuration items and associated attributes to their sources, providing unparalleled transparency. With greater confidence in the underlying data, Tideway Foundation ensures information is easily verified and therefore actionable.

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