TriCipher Launches MySignatureBook

TriCipher has released the first digital document signing technology that gathers and stores multiple signatures on a single, centrally managed file. TriCipher MySignatureBook saves multiple signatures from a centrally managed, Web-based workflow to a single, unaltered document, relieving companies from manually tracking dozens of files each with a lone signature.

MySignatureBook is the only solution that ensures end-to-end security for highly regulated and sensitive documents, and eliminates time-consuming and costly paper-based signature processes, including shipping and storage.

Pfizer initially developed MySignatureBook and has been using it since the summer of 2006, in conjunction with its authentication credentials certified by the SAFE BioPharma Association, which provides the pharmaceutical industry's legal foundation for digital signatures. TriCipher has expanded the product's support for multiple credential types, making it easy for pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial services employees and customers to leverage digital signatures for high-risk and regulated activities.

For enterprises without a credential infrastructure, MySignatureBook supports the TriCipher Armored Credential System. This platform gives organisations user-friendly, highly secure credentials, while maintaining the familiar username and password login experience and quickly enabling digital signing for all users.

With MySignatureBook, organizations can:
Reduce costs and increase speed of product development.
Eliminate geographic obstacles for project approvals.
Deploy digital signatures equivalent to paper-based signatures, with full non-repudiation for electronic filing requirements.
Manage the lifecycle of digital signatures for electronic records such as laboratory notebooks, regulated e-documents, and internal records such as software development documents.
Scale across entire departments and global workgroups.

MySignatureBook's auditable framework provides vital evidence for defending patents and accelerates regulatory electronic document submission shortening time-to-market for new drugs.

Through an online portal, chemists, clinical investigators and regulatory affairs personnel electronically sign experiment results, clinical trial information and regulatory electronic documents with their SAFE credentials via MySignatureBook. The product then gathers and stores digital signatures from witnesses and managers, ensuring online transactions are authentic, irrefutable and tamper-proof.

By electronically archiving documents, pharmaceutical companies can easily search through electronic records to pinpoint specific data such as chemical reactions; manually, this would require chemists to pore through notebooks until they spotted the information. Also, records management becomes paperless and signatures all become legible especially important when searching data a few years old.

Financial services companies and healthcare organizations can also use MySignatureBook to secure electronic signatures for high-value transactions such as loan applications and verifying patient information online.

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